About Me

¡Hola a todos! Me llamo Jinny, soy de Taiwan y estoy principiante aprendiendo español. Estoy aprendiendo a escribir en español. Es muy difícil para mí.

Me gusta ver jugadas del fútbol en la semana. Soy aficionado de la selección de Uruguay. ¡Vamos la Celeste!

I’m Jinny Seesaw (JSeesaw) who is interested in football, anime, and painting. I come from Taiwan and my native language is Traditional Mandarin. I’m learning English and Spanish. Nice to meet new friends.

I’ll post some of my thoughts here in the future, and I'll write in one of these languages (Mandarin, English, Spanish) randomly.

If you found the post photo with #PixelKnot, you can download the photo to PixelKnot and unlock with the date to read the hidden message.

Si encontró la imagen con #PixelKnot, puede desbloquearla en PixelKnot con la fecha para leer el mensaje oculto.

These are the social networks where you can find me to see my artworks:

Blog – Thoughts https://jseesaw.writeas.com

Mastodon – Design https://vis.social/@JSeesaw

Mastodon – Art & Illustration https://mastodon.art/@JSeesaw

Pixelfed – Photography https://pixelfed.social/JSeesaw

Friendica – Daily Life https://nerdica.net/profile/jinny

Peertube – Animation https://pe.ertu.be/video-channels/jseesaw_channel

SoundCloud – Chiptune Music https://soundcloud.com/jseesaw

  Finally, you could buy me a coffee if you would like, I'll thank you for supporting.

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