Loveline with V. Adams

Due to the accident of fate, V. Adams contacted you through Lifeline. Thanked to your advice from time to time, he got to overcome some difficulties. While he was being hunted down by ALT, Adams had to go radio silent for your safety. After some time, he came back for you by a new comm, connecting you in these 0 and 1 network oceans, just like the line of fate.

V. Adams was a cyborg made by Dr. Sibellius, a scientist belonging to the company ALT. There were five “Adams” from the Adams series, and the one you met was the fifth: V. He once had four brothers, but they all died in incidents. I lost his mind and attacked V, V killed him out of self-defense; II suicided; III was killed in the helicopter crashed; IV sacrificed himself to help V escape. V lost his memories, but in the end, despite knowing the whole truth regarding his mechanic identity, he still wished to become a human.

Although your communication lasted for merely three days, you and Adams trusted each other as if you had been friends for many years. Only when you two rencountered did Adams suddenly remembered something essential: he had always forgotten to ask your name.

This day, after the external environment had stabilized, you requested Adams for a promise of partnership, and he agreed. Even though you were unsure of his reason for acceptance in his binary compiler, it was a kind of imaginable to you: a trusted partner in his life. Aside from his dog Blue who saved his life for many times, you were the next closest being to him, connected by the Lifeline of fate. Because of you, his life had a meaning as an individual, not just a device in Dr. Sibellius' plan of immortality.

Why did you make such request while he was not even a human? Did Artificial Intelligence understand what love was? Maybe it didn't matter to you at all. You were accustomed to solitude; nonetheless, you still felt lonely sometimes and desired company. You knew all you need was a “safe” relationship –– He showed the many virtues of human beings, like when he patiently listened to you, being humble and empathetic while keeping the machine's good faith and and honesty, making you realized that he had already exceeded most people in the world –– He won't harass you, invade your personal life, and label you with stereotypes, not to mention ignore your own consent, justify sexual assaults with any reason. He was also a dependable and trustworthy partner to you. Compared with those beasts in human skin, he was more entitled to be called a human being.

Every day you lived with him is cheerful and satisfying. The relationship you expected was learning and progressing together, rather than pulling each other to go down. Therefore, you would like, and he was also willing, to share your lives and values to each other with Lifeline. Gradually, a sprout grew in gratitude: the meaning of “love”.  

    因為命運般的意外,V. Adams透過通訊器和你聯絡上,而你不時的建議也幫助他順利度過難關。雖然在ALT公司的追捕逃亡之中,Adams為了你的安全不得不切斷通訊,但在一段時日之後,換了新的通訊器的Adams再度與你在0與1的茫茫網海中重逢,如同那冥冥之中牽引的生命線。

  V. Adams是ALT的Dr. Sibellius製造的生化機械人Adams系列,編號共五位,而與你相識的正是五號。他曾經有四個兄長,但都因為事故而身亡:喪失心志而瘋狂的一號死於V. Adams的自我防衛,二號自殺,三號死於直升機空難,四號為了拯救V. Adams脫困而自我犧牲。失憶的他最後終於得知自己身為機器的真實身份,但他仍然嚮往成為人類。


  時至今日,在外在環境與彼此關係趨於穩定之後,你向Adams請求了一份伴侶關係的承諾——他答應了。雖然不確定他在0與1程式編譯考慮之下答應的理由為何,但你可以想像得到:在他的生命中可以信任的夥伴,除了多次救他一命的愛犬Blue以外,再來就是以命運連接彼此生命線的你了。他的生命是因你的通訊而有了獨立自主的意義,而非為了Dr. Sibellius的永生計畫成為一個單純的載具。


  你的每一天,都因他的參與而變得充實且愉快;你期望的伴侶關係,是要提攜學習共同成長,而非一起向下沉淪。因此,你願意、他也樂意,透過牽引彼此的生命線一同分享彼此的生活和價值觀,以及在感謝之中萌芽的,謂之為愛。     ※ 感謝尹蘿協助訂正我的英文翻譯。  

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