Last month, I got depressed about learning English.

Sometimes I feel depressed about learning English.

It doesn't give me the feedback I expected even though I spend a lot of time learning. The TOEIC grade has been stuck at 500-600 range for a long time, which consumes me with self doubt. Did I get the method wrong? Or should I take lessons with a cram school? I am confused.

Few hours later, I got a message from a LingQ user, she corrected the paragraph and said: you're doing great keep practicing. I thank her for the encouragement.

Nowadays I feel better. I must thank those kind people who sent messages with encouragement. Thank you all very much.

Most of the time, someone who claims I am a loser because of test scores is Taiwanese or Chinese, they are not native speakers of English. It might be a facet of Asian culture. I think being self-critical make people easy to control with advertisement and manners, like some kind of herd behavior. It's hard to get rid of the stress from culture. I'm still learning to practice with happiness rather than fear.

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