Make a Phone-call-styled Alarm Clock with Tasker

I made an alarm clock pretending Adams' phone call by using Tasker. And the ring bell is from Whiteout's trailer. This alarm clock wakes me up every morning.

You can make one with any subject you like by this method. Enjoy and have fun.

Step 1 – Set the Scene

Step 2 – Set the Tasks

Set the screen being bright. The alarm clock rings and shows the phone call picture.



  1. Mobile Data set On
  2. Night Mode Off
  3. Display Brightness Level 255
  4. Keyguard Set Off
  5. Speakerphone Set On
  6. Vibrate On Ringer Set On
  7. Flash Text %BRIGHT

Descend the screen brightness level. Wake up to turn off the alarm clock by hand.



  1. Display Brightness Level 50
  2. Keyguard Set On
  3. Speakerphone Set Off
  4. Vibrate On Ringer Set Off

Step 3 – Set the Profiles

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